Thomas Meano And His Work With The Crisis Prayer Line

Thomas Meano attends an outstanding church with a heart for outreach. The Vineyard Community Church is located in Laguna Niguel, California. Among other ministries within the church, the Vineyard Community Church has a crisis prayer line for people to call when they need someone to talk to. Also, individuals can call in when they simply need someone to agree with them in prayer. This ministry is operated by a wonderfully talented woman who has been staffing the line for years. She is a loyal member of the church and community and realizes the need of those in the community who deal with loneliness and isolation.

Thomas Meano has had the great pleasure to volunteer in a different capacity within this ministry. The crisis prayer line has now expanded to offer "call backs" to those who request additional support. Individuals who call in for intercessory assistance and ask that someone call them back for further encouragement, would have the opportunity to receive it. Through basic lay Christian counseling, Thomas Meano would be able to reach a bit deeper into the individual's life and share the love of Jesus with them. Grateful for the opportunity to help these people in need, to offer a friendly voice of hope and inspiration, he looks forward to serving his church and community in this capacity for years to come. He understands the value of prayer.

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